Whom is this Jarrett Holmes guy?

Google me, Jarrett Holmes. The proof is in the pudding as they say. I can take you from zero, to hero, in less than two weeks on the internet. You might have a website that stinks. You might not even have a website. You might have a lousy Facebook page and nothing else. I will, within two weeks, have you and your business ALL OVER THE INTERNET with keyword searches and your company name searches. You will have full DETAILED listings on the top 10 local search engine directories. SEO or search engine optimization is the best way for people to find you online when they are searching for your type of business in your area. I, Jarrett Holmes can help you DOMINATE those searches with tons of FREE website traffic, a.k.a. organic results. That equals free PROFITS and new clients for your business. Those are 100% free! How about 4-6 auto-updates on all your social media profiles? DONE! Want to know what I mean??? Just Google Jarrett Holmes.

What can Jarrett Holmes do for you?

Of course you can always pay for PPC pay-per-click advertising as well on Facebook, MySpace, Google, Yahoo, Bing and other to websites. I will set that up for you and monitor and optimize that for you as well. Want custom Facebook, YouTube and Twitter backgrounds? I’ve got you covered. Want a game plan to make it all work? Yep, got that for you too. I will set it all up, help you run it and update it all, create a massive video marketing campaign and much, much more. I’ll set you up with hundreds of local and targeted followers on Twitter and Facebook to start with. I, Jarrett Holmes will create a website for you, a Blog, all your sites, completely customized for you for SEO and your brand. I’ll set up your email marketing campaign and opt-in boxes. Branding means everything to you and your business. What does your internet presence say about you. If it really stinks, then people think your business stinks. If it’s amazing, people can’t wait to come see your business and give you their CASH.

Want to be #1 in search results like this???

Mojo City Salon didn’t even have a website and a month later look at these results. 4 listings on Page 1 on Google and they are #1!!

How about looking up their name. Remember they had no website before and nothing on the Internet. Now they have the ENTIRE first page of Google.

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I’ll help you create all those new clients starting today! Call Jarrett Holmes at 336-558-5277 for an overview, and quote on your social media design, presence, strategy and implementation. You may also message me on Twitter or Facebook. I’ll see you on Page 1 on Google -Jarrett Holmes