17 Jul

How to create HD movies with iMovie

You can create HD movies with iMovie easily! I wanted to write a great post on how to create HD videos with iMovie. You will need an HD camcorder to have them look the best. If you don’t have an HD one, the format will still look the same, they just won’t be in 720P. [...]

30 Jun

How to dominate the Internet with Jarrett Holmes and SocialMediaTitans.com

More Cash!

Whom is this Jarrett Holmes guy? Google me, Jarrett Holmes. The proof is in the pudding as they say. I can take you from zero, to hero, in less than two weeks on the internet. You might have a website that stinks. You might not even have a website. You might have a lousy Facebook [...]

02 Jun

Jarrett Holmes launches SocialMediaTitans.com consulting | social media

Social Media Titans

Social Media Titans Launches Jarrett Holmes launches http://SocialMediaTitans.com as a social media consulting business. In doing so he will help businesses and individuals with design, implementation and continuing massive internet presence with social media, branding, search engine optimization, Pay-per-click advertising and positive imaging through free tons of organic search results. Jarrett Holmes will create all [...]

01 Apr

5 Social Media Secrets to Saving Money

the key

Here is a great blog post I found on the ABC news website. It was linked from another blog I was reading. The post is entitled “5 Social Media Secrets to Saving Money” and it also contains a great video that shows business owners why social media can help their business explode. I found it [...]

09 Feb

Grandfather Mountain 2009 Highland Games and Bagpipers

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Highland Games

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games 2009 As some of you know I am Scottish and love Scottish culture. This is a great video I made at the 2009 Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in the North Carolina mountains. There are lots of Scottish sports and bagpipe music here. Please enjoy! The Grandfather Mountain Highland games are awesome [...]

09 Feb

Social Bookmarking for Search Engine Optimization

Here is a teaching video on some basics I learned and use on Social Bookmarking for Search Engine Optimization. I like http://SocialMarker.com and especially http://OnlyWire.com. Enjoy and please rate and leave comments on YouTube.

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